Get to Know Us

House Scenery is a place where you can get some recommendations, tips or ideas for choosing home goods, home decor and garden care products.

House Scenery was started in 2018, in the beginning, we only provided some tips or ideas to the people or friends around us, we realized that more and more people are interested in home decor and garden care later soon, so we decided to build this website to help more people in this aspect online in 2020.

What we do

Our team reviews and picks some excellent products and goods for your house after expert investigations from time to time, it may help you find the right items easily on the increasingly complex internet.

You can consider House Scenery as a magazine for home and garden, sometimes, you may learn some knowledge that how to decor your house and take care of your garden, since we will also share some experience, tips and ideas to make your house and garden look nice and cozy.

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Our Teams

Our team is not big, but everyone in our team has rich experience in home decoration and gardening, and has the same interest in this. We also found that there are many other people with the same interest, but most of them are lack of experience or time, and we may just happen to help, so this wonderful idea was born and our team was built.

Susia Lee have more than 10 years of experience on the gardening care, Terry wong works in a home goods market for 8 years, and Leo chuang is a expert of interior decor.

New Ideas